• Medicare's $8 Billion-a-Year Secret

If Bill Gates was given the opportunity to subsidize the training of every computer programmer in the country, do you think that he would train them all on Macintoshes? Of course not, yet that is what the federal government does with our healthcare workforce. Every year the Medicare Trust Fund spends close to $8 billion dollars to subsidize the training of young physicians. How much of that money is used to train physicians in the art and science of caring for Medicare beneficiaries? The answer is very little. It gets worse. Many of those same doctors whose training was subsidized by Medicare either limit their practices to Medicare, or refuse to accept Medicare patients altogether! But it gets even worse. Conservative projections suggest that we could use 15-20,000 Geriatricians now, and upwards of 30-40,000 in the coming years. Today we have fewer than 7,000, and the number is going down every year! Read More


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